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the s&p 500 returns. it is the fifth year in a row hedge funds have underperformed. and don't forget, they charged two and 20. and shinzo abe has increased tensions with china over the controversial air zone. they stepped out for in exclusive -- shinzo abe stepped out for an exclusive interview. >> because there are issues, all the more i think there is a need to have a meeting by the heads of state. i always keep my door open for a dialogue and i hope china will adopt the same dance. that is my hope. >> vice president joe biden, who is traveling in asia this week, urged japan and china to set up crisis management mitigation. >> lands and has been called the jewel in sears crown, but it has been a hidden one. buried deep inside the retailing mess that lost $1.6 billion last year. and searsfund manager ceo adam lambert is giving the crown jewels away. lampert, julie, he had to disclose the numbers. >> not so much of a jewel. that can be used to describe sears, but landon is not -- is worse than it might be thought. overall, going back to 2008 compared to 2012, a little bit of a declin
. >> singing and all of that stuff. >> miley cyrus? >> i don't know. we have the morning must-read. who hasn't? >> i do. i am looking at carl icahn, a tweet that came out late yesterday. notice, gave a proposal to call a vote to increase by back row gram but level.the $150 billion nonbinding proposal, even if approved by the shareholders next meeting. he has been advocating $150 billion but some saying it could be low -- as low as $50 billion and the only owns about half a percent of apple shares. >> retweeting a little bit. >> you wonder if it is a little olive branch to tim cook. not as aggressive as he can be with other companies. >> the best story is the fact that carl icahn and tim cook try to set up a conference call and tim cook suggested 5:00 a.m. his time which is 8:00 a.m. your time and carl icahn said it is too early. 1636, according to the oxford english degenerate. come on, carl, speak english. >> i had to look it up. or expressing desire -- praying or expressing desire, precatory. >> we will talk about start up to being disruptive coming up next. ♪ >> good morning, everyone. i'
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2